Pilates With Sara Pugh

Pilates classes in Leeds, West Yorkshire and online.

Why Exercise with us?


To buy a 'Class Pass' Click on the 'Class Pass Image' and there are 4 pack, 6 pack and 8 packs of lessons for ANY class
3 Class Pack Offer is for the same class for 3 weeks

I've been teaching Pilates, both groups and private sessions since 2009 and have taught over 11,000 classes. Ive been teaching full time on Zoom since lockdown started and I have a decent camera and mi
... crophone so you can see and hear.

I'm fully trained in mat and studio equipment such as reformer, chair and trapeze table. I hold qualifications from Polestar Pilates, BodyControl and Modern Pilates. I have also trained in other movement disciplines such as Franklin Method, Somatics, gymnastics and Yoga

I run beginners, intermediate and Neuro Pilates Zoom classes and I specialise in classes for over 50s from very fit and active to those in their 80s or recovering from injuries. People under 50 are welcome to attend my classes as long as you don't mind being with older ladies, who might be better than you at Pilates!

I have several slots for private sessions and I teach athletes, children, seniors, mums to be, post natal or anything else that you can think for private lessons as the sessions is geared around your goals. You might want something very hard, you might have a specific injury or conditions. I own a reformer and chair so I am able to teach Pilates studio equipment over Zoom.

Following my training in Z-health, a nervous system based system, I now add this to my Pilates classes, as training the nervous system is the fastest way to overcome pain, prevent re-injury and improve performance. In my classes, I include exercises to improve vision and vestibular (inner ear/balance) and only one other Pilates teacher in Yorkshire offers this service.

Why do people come to see me?

"I want to feel better."
"I want to move/perform better."
"I want to think better."
"I want to be injury, pain free"
"I want to get/stay healthy."

"I want to be me, but a different me"

Downloads a FREE sample exercise booklet so you can see some of the exercises we do in class or just use the book as a complete home program, message me for details

In my spare time, I do gymnastics, hypnosis and close up magic, not together of course!
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Insured By: Balens
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